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JPB Logistics has a total storage capacity of 15.000 pallet places available for storage of hazardous goods in conformity with the Dutch PGS15 regulations. This storage capacity is divided over two warehouses; Winschoten (Groningen) with a capacity of 9.500 pallets and in Farmsum with a capacity of 5.500 pallets. We comply to all regulations which ensures you as a customer that your goods are stored and handled correctly and in a safe way. We also have a permit to store (hazardous) waste material.


Both locations are characterized by a high level of automation. Due to this, our customers are able to view their stocks in our warehouse(s) real-time. We can also offer the possibility to connect your automated systems with the Warehouse Management System of JPB by using an EDI. This enables both parties to optimize and streamline the order process. All orders are picked by means of a scanning system, reducing the chance for any errors. If desired JPB can also arrange the logistics (supply and delivery of your goods) for you.

JPB Logistics has a permit to store the following hazardous goods in their PGS 15 warehouses:

Hazard class Description

Non hazardous goods

2 Gases (aerosols)
3 Flammable liquids
4.1 Flammable solids
5.1 Oxidizing substances
6.1 Toxic substances
8 Corrosive substances
9 Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles


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