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About the JPB Group B.V.

JPB offers services in the field of Industrial cleaning, Logistics and IT. All our services are characterized by the key words:

Flexible, innovative and reliable

Flexible because we reason from the customer his point of view. Every customer is different and therefore a standard package usually not sufficient. JPB always wants to respond flexible to the various requirements and demands of their customers.

Innovative because that is the way to achieve improved service, but also because this enables JPB to offer new services, which also enables our customers to further improve their business operations. We started as a small industrial cleaning company, nowadays JPB provides many services in the fields of Industrial Services, Logistics and IT.

Reliable because we do what we promise, we will not let our customers down.

Latest vacancy

  • Schiffsbelader
    Das Unternehmen JPB Logistics ist ein Logistiekdienstleister, der sich auf die Lagerung und das Be- und Entladen von Gefahrstoffen spezialisiert hat. Binnen- und Seeschiffe werden in unserem Terminal mit Shuttgut beladen. Aufgrund des starken Wachstums suchen wir einen Schiffsbelader fur unserer Tanklager in Emden und Delfzijl. Es betrifft ein Vollzeitsbeschaftigung.…
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