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In Emmen, JPB has a cleaning hall available where advanced cleaning machines are placed. At this location high quality (machinery) parts are cleaned, making use of several cleaning techniques.


Pyrolysis oven

In this thermal oven (capacity: 24m³), the cleaning takes place by means of evaporation. The oven is heated to a selected temperature of up to 450 degrees Celsius, so that almost all organic based substances are converted to gas. In the afterburner oxygen is added, which causes these gases to incinerate. This method leads to a cleaning process with virtually no waste as residue along with very good cleaning results. If desired, the past can be post-treated so that the parts look like new. The dimensions of this oven are: 600cm x 200cm x 200cm.

This relatively unkown cleaning method is very efficient and effective and can also lead to major cost savings.

Ultrasonic cleaning

With this method high frequency sound waves are sent through the cleaning bath. These sound waves together with temperature and the right cleaning additives cause for a very intensive cleaning.

Industrial washing machines

Your components will be cleaned or rinsed in a large industrial washing machines with the aid of water and a cleaning agent.


Your components can be picked up and returned to you by us.


The location has its own water purification system available.

Disassembly / Assembly

Our technical service depratment can disassemble and if required re-assemble your components. Contact Rutger for more information about this unique method!


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