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High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning with (hot) water is an effective and commonly used technique to clean a wide variety of objects, parts and systems. JPB own installations varying from 350 bar to 2.500 bar. Next to this the high pressure can be combined with warm water in order to obtain the best cleaning results. Also water blasting belongs to the possibilities. Our industrial cleaners all have the necessary certificates available. Various available tools and accessories are available to help achieveing an even better cleaning result. The most common projects are (amongst others): concrete cleaning, cleaning of industrial installations, heat exchangers, condensers, storage tanks and pipelines etc..


Vacuum- / Vacupress units

Next to the high pressure cleaning tools and equipment, the JPB Group owns vacuum and vacupress units. These vacuum units are suitable for the extraction of a variety of dry and wet materials, for example out of sewers or basements. The extracted substances (hazardous) can afterwards be stored in tanks and transported to a licensed waste processor, selected especially for the type of waste that has to be processed.


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